Don’t $ettle

So for the last couple of months I have been taking my time working on a project that I mentioned in previous posts. And it is going extremely well. This post will be shorter than others that I have made, I really want to get straight to the point because my Sketchbook is open in front of me and I would like to get at least an hour in.

The First part of this project was very easy, comes very natural to me… sketching.

And that’s usually where I leave it at because there’s always an excuse.

I don’t have enough money, I’m not a very good seamstress, I can’t afford to hire help, I don’t know what I’m doing.

Those are my number one excuses.

But this past month I have found that I can’t use those excuses anymore. Because instead of focusing on what I didn’t have I chose to focus on what I did have. It all started when my coworker said these words to me

” what do you really need to get your business going?”

And instead of answering with everything I couldn’t do or I didn’t have I decided to go home and really think about it.

By the time I came back to work the next day I had a full step-by-step plan of how I was going to reach my goal.

Instead of focusing on the fact that I didn’t have the budget of a major fashion house I decided to focus on the fact that I did have a small amount of money set aside in savings for miscellaneous use. I’m saving for a lot of things but this fund is really labeled for Just My Mad Money. A few years ago a very good person explain to me the concept of Mad money. So I decided to hire someone to help me do some logo work. I found producer and distributor for the looks that I want.

I came up with a plan of how I wanted to promote it and where I wanted to promote it. I found a photographer to take the pictures.

***** I’m still looking for the model right now*****

And I had not one but two logos in the works for me.

I thought that I was set…

Until I got the logos back…

Guys, this logo, though it is much better than anything that I could do, was all wrong. It was nothing like how I had imagined it in my head.

It was exactly what I described but the feeling that I got from it when I looked at it was an angry skater brand. And that’s not what I’m designing.

So I learned a few things .

The first is this there is always a way to make something happen, always. And the more time you spend making up excuses about why things can’t happen the less time you spend actually making those things happen. The second lesson that I learned is expensive but necessary. You need to be meticulous and almost ruthless when it comes to anything that is going to have your name on it. Anything that is going to represent you or your business. You have to care about the quality of what you put out in the message that it sends out to people because if I had gone with that logo, though it did cost me quite a bit of money, it would have been wrong. And I would rather spend more money getting it right, then to put out something that’s completely wrong.

Tom Ford is one of my favorite designers. He is also known for taking apart a jacket 17 times, even if it’s only to change something as small as the design of the pocket. And some people think he’s crazy and some people think he’s annoying and some people think that he is neurotic. He even describes himself as a little bit crazy but everything that Tom Ford puts out is so well done and crafted and he has over the years built up a reputation for being associated with quality work then he knows that all 17 of those times that he took apart that jacket we’re completely worth it.

That is the kind of designer that I want to be.

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