The come-to-Jesus meeting all you fake art supporters needed

I don’t consider myself a very religious person anymore. I don’t know what really happened. There have been times in my life when I was younger that I attributed certain” miracles” to the hand of God working in my life. But lately it feels like I’ve gotten away from that and I don’t necessarily know if it’s a bad thing. I say all that to say that for the last 2 or 3 weeks I think I’ve prayed harder than I’ve ever prayed in my life.

My day job search is going okay . For last 3 weeks my soul focus has been applying for art related jobs but I am at the point where I feel like I need to widen that search to just anything that I would qualify for. Art jobs are not as readily available as call center jobs or administrative assistant jobs or front desk reception jobs here in Dallas. Please don’t get me wrong I still will absolutely be working my way towards a profession in the Arts here in Dallas. It just may take a little bit longer.

Dallas is considered a very artistic City. We have museums, local artists are commissioned to do whole pieces for certain areas and neighborhoods…..

But individually there are very few people in the cities of Allen, McKinney, Plano , Richardson and Dallas who actually support local artists. Now listen very clearly to what I’m about to say to you because it’s very important that you understand the difference. Supporting an artist that you know is not just telling them “I like your work”. THAT is not enough. That is the equivalent of your boss coming up to you and giving you a pat on the back saying “good work ” but then when you get to the end of the week you are not paid for that “good work” that you did. Is that fair? Absolutely not! You would quit your job in a second. Why? Because your time is worth money to you. And every job is the same thing. You are exchanging your time for money. Artists are no different from you. We have bills that come up in our lives that need to be paid. We have families that need to be supported. We have goals and hopes and dreams that we want to achieve and those things must be funded somehow. It’s all well and good for you to tell your friends who are photographers and Jewelers and visual Artisans that you appreciate looking at their work and that you really hope their dreams work out for them. But that’s the equivalent of you giving them a pat on the back and walking away. THAT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

And yet you go to Walmart or Ikea or Target or Ross and you see a copied printed generic piece of art or sculpture and you think to yourself that would look so amazing on my wall at home …. AND YOU BUY THAT CRAP.

If you don’t get it this is a vent post by now… You aren’t really paying attention

While searching for jobs in my area I visited a local art gallery in Watters Creek. The curator of the space took a look at my resume and told me that the Allen art alliance is just not in a place to hire me at the moment, but she encouraged me to take a look around and gave me rates on how much it would be to Showcase my art in her gallery. I express my thanks and then proceeded to ask her how many pieces actually sell in that gallery. Her mouth said a few, but her face said less than that.

And it was the saddest thing that I think I’ve ever seen because some of those pieces were amazing.

My point is this do not call yourself a supporter of the Arts if you are not doing one of two things

1. If you are not purchasing art or commissioning art from an artist. This includes a sculptor a photographer someone who makes homemade jewelry or craft . Even someone who makes homemade cards. And I know someone who makes homemade cards. Someone who does print work or carpentry or anything of that nature. If you would rather go spend your hard-earned money at Walmart or Target or Ross or any of these other companies who all get their copied products from China or other countries, I’m sorry but you are not a real patron of the Arts ….you just like the way things look.

This includes and is not limited to the culinary arts, fashion, anything that requires you to be creative. Because no lie I know about 5 people right now who are in catering that I would call before I went to a chain restaurant to cater my gallery opening if I were having one. Because I know the value of helping another artist.

2. I can understand that not everyone has $350 to spend on a painting. I understand the world that we live in. People who are not artists have families and bills and things they need to pay for. But you have a voice. And word of mouth is a powerful thing. If you know an artist and you really believe in their work telling someone who is in a position to purchase their work or commission their services can be just as powerful if not more powerful than you commissioning their art or Services personally. And all of us have the ability to do this. Social media is huge, and continuously growing every second of every minute of every day. That means all of us have the ability to support someone in the Arts by way of Word of Mouth. No one has an excuse not to.

Here’s my challenge to all of you this summer. I’m going to give you 3 months to do it. I want you to go to an art gallery not a museum an art gallery in your city and I want you to look at artwork made by local artists and if you can’t buy it, tell someone about it. But I want you to see what real art is . Because I promise you the emotional response it will evoke from you will be much stronger than anything you will ever purchase at Walmart or Ikea. Plan a date by yourself or with your significant other and go buy food from a food truck or go to a mom-and-pop restaurant. Support local artist someone who is taking their time their money and their resources and putting it into their creative dreams or Ambitions and if you can’t do that do not call yourself a supporter of the Arts. Because you’re not you’re just someone who likes to look at things were pretty or eat things that taste good.

If you would like to veiw my work it can be found here

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