Guys I’m super excited

I received my third commission for fashion illustration 2 days ago. And she wants three sketches.

The beginning of this year I and two of my best friends wrote down our goals for the year. I won’t share all of them because I just think that’s a private thing between me and them, but what I will say is that they are all directly related to my dream of becoming a fashion illustrator and designer.

Like I said in previous posts this journey feels so long to me, but I’m really at the beginning of it all. I used to just make art for myself, and I would show people if they ask to see it. I was very afraid of being judged of hearing the comments that I would often hear from people even some of my friends. Comments like oh this needs to look more realistic this needs to look more this way, this needs to look more that way. I would even hear comments like there is no way that you can possibly make money doing this . Earlier this year I sent a personal message on Instagram to an artist that I have admired for a very long time. I won’t mention his name because again I don’t believe in embarrassing anyone. I told him that I was a longtime admirer of his work and that I really wanted to make a career out of fashion illustration and design. I explained my whole life story and what art meant to me. His only reply was that there was no money in fashion illustration. He literally said it like that.

Now if any of you know who the person in the headline photo is, you know that the statement “there is no money to be made in fashion illustration” it’s completely wrong.

Her name is Kerri Hess.

And she is one of the most well-known fashion illustrators on the planet. She has work for Prada, Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, been featured in and on the cover of Vogue and recently just came out with her own China, and look books. This woman makes tons of money a year doing what she loves, painting fashion illustrations.

I can’t tell you how much it means to me that I have three people in this world who have believed in me enough to commission me to make custom pieces for their home. Who have told me that they find what I do so inspiring that they want to put it in craft rooms of their own or offices of their own or businesses. That means more to me than any dollar amount I will ever make. And I’m crying while I’m using talk to text to write this so I hope that my phone doesn’t get this wrong, but to hear someone say I know I need 2 purchase some of your illustrations now before you make millions of dollars doing this, before you are so well-known that I can’t even get in contact with you anymore, the fact that there are people out in the world who believe in me, on Facebook on LinkedIn on Instagram and some of these people don’t even know me, that to me says everything.

And last night I swear I prayed that God would give me enough time on this planet to reach as many people as I possibly could. To bring joy and artistic inspiration and Hope to everyone who owns a piece of my work. That is all that I could ask for in a lifetime. I have bigger dreams, dreams like Bridging the Gap between my illustrations and clothing, I have aspirations to be in ready to wear, and hiring a few seamstresses and pattern makers and starting a small Atelier for my evening wear.

I want to spend the rest of my life making not only art that you put on your walls but art that you live your life in.

If you visit Carrie has his website you’ll notice that her limited edition prints are almost $300 a piece. Now you have to understand this is because they are number one limited edition prints, and number two Kerri Hess is very well-known.

I’m not Kerri Hess ……….yet

This summer I plan to restock my Etsy page with a few of my prints. But if you like the lovely woman who commissioned me to make these pieces would like me to make a custom illustration for you

They are $10 a piece

That’s right you read that correctly. $10.

I told you it wasn’t about the money for me, it’s about bringing happiness and hope and inspiration and joy into your home, into your creative space.

So if you would like to order a custom piece, feel free to send me a message or to use my contact information provided on my Instagram

A. Holloway

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