Chin up while you work

First I need to apologize to all of you. When one of my best friend’s first gifted me this blog and website I made myself a promise. I told myself that I would document exactly how I felt in real time about my journey. And my last post was really negative. Not that it wasn’t true. I just feel like I could have written it a lot better. I want to share my honest experiences with you all, that’s important to me. It’s important be authentic. But it’s also important to be positive. I need that for myself, and I need it for any other artist who is reading my blog at this time. It is more than just possible for you to reach your goals while in your lifetime. It’s going to take a lot of hard work and you will be exhausted at the end of every day. But if it gets you one step closer to where you want to be it’s worth it.

Now to get to our subject for today. What do you do when you are an artist developing your own business, and working girl all the same time? You work, but this work is a little bit more fun. I know from experience that it can be hard trying to be creative other things in your life aren’t going so well. The thing that you have to remember is that your creativity is also what you would like to support your life. Keeping your mind positive and focused is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself . For as a fashion illustrator and an artist who struggles with procrastination and discipline this can be the most terrifying emotional rollercoaster ever. So believe me when I tell you you need to get off as soon as possible. Practice daily discipline, even if that means setting daily alarms for yourself to get things done. Set goals and finish them. And set your goals and motivation in front of you or you can see it. Two of my best friends gave me this piece of art for Christmas, and it’s been on my wall since the first day I got it. I decided to build a gallery wall for myself one that would remind me of where I want to go and how I want to get there. Something that I could sit back and look at at the beginning and end of every day that would remind me to keep going.

These masks like each piece of art that I will put on this wall represents a special time in my life. Two out of the three of these masks are from Venice one of my favorite cities in Italy.

I also been trying to learn to use social media to my advantage. To use it to really promote my arts and to get it into the hands of the women that I feel could benefit from it period from the companies that could use it to motivate their employees or to inspire women around the world. I’m really grateful that I have people around me who believe in me who are constantly giving me feedback about what I can do better. And I can’t wait to show you guys my gallery wall of motivation when it’s finished, which will hopefully be this Sunday.

Until then Hustle Hard, because we have miles to go to get to Manolo.

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