My gut tells me everything I need to know – Olivia

I love Olivia Pope.

Not because of her almost effortless chic workwear. Nor is it her ability to live off of wine and popcorn ( but let’s be real here …..that’s the real scandal)

It’s not even her adorable romance with Fitzgerald Grant. Disagree with me if you want to pictures don’t lie


I told you…

No, what I love about the character Olivia Pope, is what she said in the first episode of Scandal.

She always trusts her gut.

Today one of my best friends pointed out the fact that I’m getting better at listening to mine. But let’s start the story at the beginning

First let me start by saying I will not be identifying the business that I visited today nor will I mention the name of the business owner. Because my thoughts and feelings on this matter are such as they are, I do not feel it is appropriate for me to mention him by name, as it may affect his business.

We were learning about textures in my fashion illustration class and were assigned a project. This project was to illustrate velvet, leather, fur, etc.

If you are on my Instagram , Facebook or LinkedIn you have seen this image, this is my project and I’m very proud of it. I believe it’s my best work yet.

There was a surprise guest that stopped by our classroom that identified himself as a furrier.

Now for all of you who don’t know a furrier is someone who makes garments primarily out of fur or leather.

That was just a definition not an invitation to start an open debate on fur.

You and the people who disagree with you are both entitled to feel however they may want to feel, now back to the story.

Have you ever heard someone speak and felt your body spark with electricity almost as if you feel instantly connected with that person simply because they understand you on a deeper level, like you were cut from the same cloth?

This is the only way I can describe to you how I felt when this man begin to speak about his passion for his work. I thought we understood each other.

I thought.

I was so excited and pumped and inspired by what he said, that I actually went home and pretty much re-did my entire assignment. I designed a new capsule collection with the intention of asking to apply for a summer internship, and then based on my performance during that three month internship, to be hired on for at least 30 hours a week. and I should add that I did this in under 48 hours. That’s how excited I was about this opportunity

As some of you know I am seeking an internship in my industry that would lead to near full-time employment during the year, while still designing for myself, and illustrating as an artist.

Anyway to skip details that I really don’t want to go into at the risk of embarrassing this business owner, by the end of my visit I had the biggest stomach ache I have ever had in my life. I contacted the Wolff, because he was interested in hearing how it went. And my other two best friends, who have encouraged me before I went in. I didn’t have the words to describe it but they could all pick up on the fact that I was very uncomfortable.

Something felt off and I didn’t know how to say it or what exactly it was. But I felt it before I could express it.

And then bestie number one called me. And put into words exactly how I felt. I felt let down not because he only looked at my designs for 2 seconds. But because I honestly and truly believed that this person, this situation was a good fit for me. The sweetness that was in my mouth, turned to bitterness by the time it reach my stomach.

Do not let disappointment break your heart so badly that you give up. Not every situation is for you, and like she said more times than not the situation that is for you is waiting for you after you have learned a valuable lesson.

I know that I will find the right internship. I know that I will reach my goals. I know that I was made to do this. I know these three things as surely as I know that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West.

My advice to anyone who’s like me right now, take the time and learn to listen to your gut . Really feel your way through a situation.

And above all else, do not give up.

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