Sell myself???? What the heck does that mean???

So yesterday I got my third evaluation back from my fashion illustration class, feeling pretty good about myself because I did well. As I’m on my way home on the train I received a message from an acquaintance on LinkedIn. Someone who I would consider to be a very talented individual in the industry that I want to be in. I guess they had seen a few of the sketches that I posted on LinkedIn and expecting to hear that he enjoyed seeing my pieces, I clicked on his message.

Oh girl, I was wrong.

“Sell yourself! You have to believe in your greatness…”

There was more but I kind of got hung up on the first two words.

Sell myself? Sell myself? What does that even mean?

To perfectly honest with you guys sometimes I wish people would just say what they actually mean in the most Plain Jane way possible. I’m talking “the- most- under- seasoned baked- potato -you -have- ever- tasted- in- your- life” English. (Jason’s I’m looking at you sideways. Mainly because that’s the perfect name for that potato it is plain!!!)

It’s not that I haven’t heard this phrase before. I simply haven’t mastered the art of selling myself. I mean sure all of us want to be that girl who walks into the room and catches everybody’s attention, and whether she uses 2 words or 200 words you remember her at the end of the night.

That girl, is the girl I have been afraid to be for a very long time.

The work that you do on the inside, on yourself is just as important if not more important than the work that you can produce with your hands for the rest of the world.

And if you don’t believe me look at your morning routine… and Kanye West

Ever since I was little I wanted one of those three mirror vanities that you think that every glamorous woman uses to put on her makeup and her perfume every morning. At the time I wasn’t into makeup, I just thought it was pretty. And now that I’m a woman I want one even more. We all get up, shower, brush our teeth, comb our hair, and if we want to put on our makeup. We prepare ourselves to be perceived by the world with the hope that they will buy exactly what we put before them. When we choose what we will wear for the day, we think of how others will perceive us. It’s in the way we walk, it’s in the words that we use when we speak . And in our tone of voice. All of these things we use to sell ourselves to the world every day.

And now the Kanye challenge


My challenge to you today, and this is going to sound strange but since this is a challenge to myself to I’m going to say it exactly the way that I’m thinking it, is to sell yourself the way Kanye sells Kanye to someone.

Think about it. Kanye West is walking, talking, breathing confidence on steroids. Each and every one of us can have 5% Kanye added to our system and do a lot better in our lives. And he runs on that hundred percent ALL the time.

Now I’m not talking about crazy Kanye. And by that I mean don’t go lock yourself in your house for like 2 years and have a mental / emotional break-down whining and crying about you not having the things that you need.

What I mean is carry the confidence that Kanye carries when he walks into a room. If he’s going in, he’s going all-in. He knows who he wants to talk to, and he’s already got down what he wants to discuss with you. It may start as Chit Chat, but Kanye’s going to tell you what he wants to tell you and it’s usually going to start and end with himself.

I was going to finish but Imma just let Kanye do it


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